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Summers are packed, whether it’s with work or recreational activities summer is definitely one of the busiest times of the year. So why spend the time taking Summer English courses? Well, for starters English has definitely developed into a global language; whether it is spoken natively, as a second or third language, English skills open doors both privately and professionally. Today, speaking English is no longer a hobby but a necessity; which is why making the time and energy investment in an English summer class is a worthwhile.

Generally, all English classes have a similar format. Part of the course is dedicated to grammar and reading, while the majority of the course is concentrated on speaking and activities. For some people the thought of working in a group or speaking in class can be very intimidating, however, speaking is the most effective way to learn a language. Practical use and application of the language enable a person to slowly acquire a natural feel for how the language should sound and practice speech fluidity. Scoring high on grammar tests will only bring a person so far, while the ability to express oneself (with or without grammar mistakes) is the main goal of any language classroom.

However, the most important component in any summer language course is the motivation to attend and really grasp the material. This may be a challenge especially in summer, but motivation is what generally separates the people who study a language from those who really learn a language. Often times this motivation can be helped by enrolling in a course offered abroad, mixing vacation with some productivity. International Projects offers several summer English courses abroad focusing on vacation and language development simultaneously.

At the end of the day the practicalities of the English language for travel, business, and academics are essential; and language development is never a waste of resources or time. So why not consider those summer English courses after all, they just might come in handy.
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